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>> On 22 Mar 2017, at 09:15, Jean-Marc Liotier <> wrote:
>> I answered too fast... Later in the thread John offers
>> waterway=spillway + emergency=yes + surface=* which seem even better
>> because it uses the generic emergency=yes instead of creating a new
>> spillway=emergency
> but emergency=yes is a legal access tag. Are there spillways that are
> used as roads? With spillway=emergency it is made explicit that this
> is a spillway category, not an access tag

Agreed. I was going to say that reusing emergency=yes was going to cause

Also, presumably emergency spillways are mapped as areas, rather than
lines, but they probably should have both, to have the water network and
show the area.  The one I am familiar with is really large - the point
is to avoid erosion if it is ever used, to protect the dam from collapse
which might happen if the primary spillway overflowed.

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