Tom Pfeifer <> writes:

> On 18.04.2017 02:24, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> ... Having a functioning command and
>> communication structure is key in modern emergency management.
>> Or perhaps you see emergency management as different from people ready
>> to provide direct assistance while operating at the leaves of the ICS.
> Thanks Greg for the analysis. I don't see OSM capable of representing
> the planning and management structure or command chain in those
> institutions. I see the need however, to tag physical infrastructure,
> such as garages for special equipment, storage for supplies, and
> places where responder teams exercise.
> So this is what I assume emergency=disaster_response is good for, any
> planning and managing locations should go to the office=* namespace.

Fair enough; certainly the management hierarchy of anything doesn't
belong on the map, and the emergency/office split (presuambly same for
fire/police) makes sense.

A further wrinkle is the secondary nature of facilities for disaster
response.  Around me, most things I'd tag as disaster_response have a
primary purpose with an expectation they'd be commandeered.  But if we
just add a node inside a building, that seems easy enough.

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