I have some sympathy for expressing defaults within a bounded area.

However, some thought needs to be put into the logistics when mapping /
inputting data.

I would "hope" that there would be editor support -- otherwise how does
one determine whether a given tag/value combination can be omitted --
because it is the default!

Unfortunately, that means that every editor would have to iterate out to
find defaults in ever increasing areas -- unless defaults aren't allowed
to be nested, which imho reduces their usefulness significantly.

Similarly, I'm having trouble conceptualizing what adding / changing a
default value on a bounding area should mean -- are existing inherited
default values now implicitly updated, or do they need to be examined

Finally, how does one indicate that a value is not able to be determined
-- and should not immediately be inherited -- leaving it blank is no
longer an option!

Apologies, that was longer than I intended,

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