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    I asked this question last week of the OSM Help community:

    I'm looking for tagging that will indicate that a particular river
    in the United States is a "Wild and Scenic River" as defined by
    the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. I have searched with Overpass for
    waterway=* that also has a scenic=yes tag but it turned up no
    results. Can anyone provide some guidance and/or examples?

    I got one response that talked about tagging the area surrounding
    such rivers, a wilderness corridor of sorts, which was useful but
    beyond the scope of this first inquiry. I'm looking for a way to
    tag the river itself.

    I'm turning to the tagging community now for advice.

Like you, I know of the Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers designations.
Like you, I lack a good way to tag them.
If nobody else has come up with anything - and do let's also ask on talk-us, since this is a peculiarly American designation - then let's invent something
and Wikify it.

I see no reason not to use scenic=yes on a waterway.
It is only an unapproved tag that is 'in use' ... so its use on waterways is a simple extension.

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