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> It's not clear what The Right Thing might be when
> a Wild River is mostly embedded within a Wilderness Area
> (protect_class=1b); it winds up appearing as if the river corridor loses
> protection as it transits the class 1, but that's surely not the case,

You wouldn't think so, would you?

You'd think that if the river enters a higher rated protected area, then
the higher rating would apply to the river as well?

Any idea of how "big" an area the Wild River protection covers? eg is it
just the water itself / the river banks / "50m" back on each side / a strip
"1k" wide etc?

Is it possible to add the =protected tag to the waterway itself, or draw a
long skinny box along the protected length of the river concerned, stopping
as it enters a class 1 park then re-starting on the other side - pretty
time-consuming though :-(
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