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> Hi all,
> Please all, take a very attentive look at this.
> Please note the subject change: unnecessary.
> Please note the disambiguation boundary vs borderline.
> The problem with admin_level tags is that numbers need to exist to BE ABLE to 
> nest boundaries and hence that only administrative boundaries are nestable.
> That problem does not exist with subarea relation roles which:
> * can do the nesting without any sort of level number, including none, and 
> with any boundary type
> * can even nest one boundary type such as administrative inside another such 
> as political to avoid duplicating identical trees of two types
> * hence make never-ending discussions unnecessary about which numbers to use 
> or how to insert a level between 6 and 7; levels can and should be replaced 
> by names such as "province" and "district" with the result that a map can 
> tell (name) "province Liège" from "arrondissement Liège" (and "city Liège")

In the UK designation=* is used (with managed, not free-text, values) to
indicate exactly what sort of admin entity it is. There can be different
entities at the same level: metropolitan, non-metropolitan districts and
London boroughs are all at level 8, and unitary authorities and
non-metropolitan counties share level 6. (The four nations all have
their own local government structures anyway). This means the name tag
can be kept pure, without having to incorporate the "function" as that
can easily be seen from the designation. 

There is a subtle difference between the area, and the local government
entity that administers it. The relationship is not always 1:1, even at
the same level. The UK is a complicated place. 

Slightly OT: Actually the UK admin levels need a bit of review. The
Regions (admin level 5) have (and have never had) no administrative
function, and there are now Combined Authorities with (limited) admin
functions spanning multiple UAs at level 6. We should convert the
Regions to something like statistical or political, and free up admin
with level 5 for the CAs. 

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