On 10.03.2018 01:51, Matthijs Melissen wrote:
> I would therefore suggest
> to make sure admin_level tags are present on all
> boundary=administrative ways.

I can see how this makes rendering easier, but OSM isn't mainly a
database for rendering. I don't see why a river that serves as an admin
boundary should even have a boundary=administrative tag; including it in
the relevant relation should be enough.

Also when the admin_level of an area changes (due to either a political
change or a change of mind in the OSM community about what should be
which admin level in the particular country), I don't want to force
mappers to change the tagging of all affected ways.

On the whole, the openstreetmap-carto team usually has a positive
influence on tagging in OSM and provides the occasional nudge for
mappers to standardise something. In this particular case, I would say
this is an undue request, and the change in tagging would be for the worse.


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