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A fair number of users here - including me - render our own maps, and
are giving feedback based on our own experience with trying to render
them. I know that in discussions on 'tagging' I try to hide the fact
that wanting to render something is driving my opinion, because of the
widespread misinterpretation of the 'tagging for the renderer' slogan.

Thanks a lot for your comments. That's what I expected - I believe some problems are reported from the experience and it's good to know what kind of circumstances makes the problem visible.

I encourage people to be more open about the problems they have - including how it affects routing, rendering (probably two most common scenarios) or any other. Decoupling data from the usage makes it easier to have wider ecosystem, but data don't live on their own. The model they create should be accurate (that's the part we usually discuss a lot), but also practical to use (I won't cite jokes, read some examples about it for example here: https://nargaque.com/2014/03/02/mathematicians-answer/ ).

As it happens, osm-carto is reporting an issue that I've encountered

Maybe we miss special place to discuss map rendering problems with OSM data? I can create one on the OSM forum server.

It strikes me sometimes, that we in the osm-carto tend to discuss general things about rendering in whatever current ticket they affect, just because we have no better space for this. If we could share experiences from different renderers, it would be even more useful.

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