Ah, good, the Moroccan photos were quite a mish-mash.

The one you just posted is indeed a bus station. And sort of a classic one
at that -- it has both intercity and regional lines (lines that extend well
beyond the city limits but aren't long-distance lines). Also, intracity
lines have stops in front of the station (apparently they don't have the
right to enter). The bus station in Casablanca is similar. (My introduction
to OSM was mapping the bus routes in Casablanca and Marrakesh.)


The Eurolines photo is the interior of the Metro Gallieni bus station I
mentioned earlier in this thread. It's in my neighborhood, so I am very
familiar with it. Again, no intracity lines -- in fact, only international
lines to my knowledge. But there is an extensive complex just outside for
the intracity/regional buses, as well as a major metro station underground.


The close case, to me, would be something like this:


The "pôle bus" will have two dedicated bus lanes and probably four to six
shelters/stops. Two facts argue in favor of this as a bus station:

-- multiple lines converge there
-- there is at least one dedicated bus lane

There is no building associated with it. Most bus stations that I map don't
have a building.

Another thing to consider: the stop area, which I also mentioned above, is
logical (a relation) rather than physical (an area). So the one doesn't
exclude the other.



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