During this discussion it is evident That we need a macro "venue" tag *And* A 
micromapping "flower bed" tag together. 

let's take a Rose garden for example. 
The garden itself is one big landuse. The standard "garden" tag should suffice. 

Then there are all the little pieces inside. The paths, fountains, etc. The 
Rose garden is 30-40 smaller flowerbeds bordered by paths and walls. This is 
where we need the new micromapping tag. 

Landuse=flowerbed. (Flower_bed?) 

Next: Tulip "attraction" grounds (not the actual commercial farm). 

First problem - how do you tag the entire venue? It is a single landuse with 
parking, shops, etc. Some new value for the existing garden:type=* subtag 
should probably be created for these outdoor large-scale "spectacles". 

Then map the paths and tracks and driveways and the windmill as normal. 

Then the tulip fields themselves. Theey could be mapped as one big field 
between the service roads. My venue would use 2-3. 
But the tulips are mapped to their color and variety (they each have a name) 
and we are now back to having 30-40 small landuse=flowerbed. 

Lastly:  a large single "spectacle" my flowers on the hill, the sunflower 
displays for tourism (as Dave mentioned, happens here too). These often 
re-occur in the exact same spot year after year and a small toursit spot is 
open for the few weeks it is beautiful; part of the late summer feastivals. 

Same new garden:type=* tag. Paths and parking. The viewpoint, if present. 

Then a large landuse=flowerbed for the big field of sunflowers or nemophila or 


> On Apr 9, 2018, at 9:15 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdre...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> maybe it could be tagged as garden with fee and a (new) subtype? For reference

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