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> Actual flower Farms are landuse=farmland crop=flowers. Yea, they may have
> a viewpoint and a gift shop. But those large commercial farms are not what
> I'm talking about.
> These are about tagging the actual beds of decorative flowers with
> landuse=flowerbed (which I think is totally a landuse - it is land
> dedicated to flowers for display or decoration)

I understand the land is dedicated to displaying flowers, but landuses are
usually broader categories.
And I wouldn't look at these in a feature agnostic way. An area with
decorative flowers organized and presented in flowerbeds, with visitors and
maybe a fee, will be something, like a flower show, with a name, maybe a
website etc. that distinguishes them from the private flowerbeds in a
residential area. IMHO you should aim at representing this feature. It
doesn't mean you can't map the single flowerbed inside, but first I'd look
for a way to represent the whole thing.

> , and tagging gardens that are "flower spectacles" - places that grow
> flowers primarily as a spectacle (and often charge admission) using a
> garden:type=foobar is the two tags I am asking for feedback on.
> Landuse=grass is crappy - is it for sports? picnicing? Roadside shoulder?
> Landscaping?

with subtags if you like

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