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> On 12. Apr 2018, at 02:54, John Willis <> wrote:
> If it is landcover or man_made or a new key like landscaping= or whatever, I 
> don't care - but landuse=flower_bed is in defacto use and seems acceptable.

not every use does imply a landuse object of the same specific class, we don’t 
map landuse=supermarket but supermarkets are a use. We don’t map 
landuse=terraced_housing but aren’t terraced houses a use of land? We also 
don’t use landuse=wastewater_treatment. Landuses are more generic, they 
describe rough usage classes.  landuses don’t refer to features like a house or 
a supermarket, they refer to a purpose/activity class like retail, residential, 
industrial or commercial. For specific features we use tags like amenity, 
man_made, natural, tourism etc.
Flowerbed would be odd in the list of other landuses, because it is very 
specific. And it can/will typically occur within the established landuse 

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