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>> You don't play sports on them. People grow flowers in dedicated land merely 
>> to be enjoyed.
> Or to cut up and placed inside for decoration and smell.

You can't nest landuses? We nest every other type of area. 

I am not mapping individual blooms, nor does someone snipping a blossom and 
bringing it in their house affect the mapping of flowerbeds. I am mapping the 
use of this spot of land. To me, that is a landuse. If it is landcover or 
man_made or a new key like landscaping= or whatever, I don't care - but 
landuse=flower_bed is in defacto use and seems acceptable. 

No one digs up the entire area of land and destroys it if they are just 
snipping a blossom. The flowers are a decoration in the flowerbed. It is not a 
flower farm. I have an orange tree in my yard - I do not run an orchard. A 
flower park is not a farm either. The purpose of the land is still to grow 
ornamental flowers for enjoying their beauty there.  If they kill all the 
flowers and plant grass or build a shed, it is no longer a flowerbed. 

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