I would like to come back to the original point of no-U-turn relations
where there are no (vertical) road signs. This [1] is one of the
incriminated  junctions.
For me it is clear from the horizontal signing 8white lines, that this is a
no-U-turn situation (or only-straight-on, if you prefer that relation)
I am mapping in Italy and I would put on an equivalent junction an
"only-straight-on" relation. At least here it is clearly forbidden to cross
the solid white lines.
I Italy most of these junctions are at present without restriction
relations, I suppose mainly because it's considered a minor mapping
omission, but not because it would be wrong.
And from the traffic point of view it makes sense. If you have taken a
wrong exit from a roundabout, it is in many cases simply unsafe to try a
U-turn in the exit.
I accept the argument that we could create a simpler way of tagging this
frequent situation, I agree that the relation approach is cumbersome, but
is not at all a tagging error.


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