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    Hi Warin,

    2018-06-12 11:52 GMT+02:00 Warin <61sundow...@gmail.com

        What about calling them an 'exchange' ... though it could be
        confused with money - foreign currency trading etc.
         So umm 'communication exchange' ?

    Exchange is a good input, thank you

    telecom=exchange can't really be confused with
    amenity=bureau_de_change can you ?
    This would be shorter to type than
    telecom=telecommunication_exchange or even
    telecom=telephone_exchange and less redundant with key name "telecom"
    We can think about telecom=exchange_point to meet consistency with

    I would really enjoy a consensus on this

Yep, telecom=exchange works for me :-)

Works for me too... but don't be too hasty adopting one of 'my' ideas. Lets let others (and me) contemplate it for a while?
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