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15 Aug 2019, 03:43 by joseph.eisenb...@gmail.com:

    For context: yesterday Mateusz Konieczny edited the description of
    natural=beach on the Landuse page and commented that "beach is not
    always unvegetated and concrete along shore is not a beach", and then
    I used his new description on the natural=beach page.

My edit was triggered by https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Landuse&diff=prev&oldid=1889234
edit that claimed that beach is well defined by
"Unvegetated strip of land at the edge of water."

And that was paraphrased form the original OSM description of a beach.

Main problem with such definition is that strip of concrete/asphalt along shore
is not a beach.

I thought about dunes when I claimed that "beach is not
always unvegetated" but now I see that dunes are not considered as part of the beach.

I copied definition from Wikipedia as it seemed far better as it managed to
exclude stuff like
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sea_defences_(21467789266).jpg <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sea_defences_%2821467789266%29.jpg>



Maybe copying previous definition from natural=beach would be preferable.

Don't know .. hence my question here .. any 'beach' 'experts'?

    Re: > "To me it does not have plants growing on it - so unvegetated."

    I agree that beaches generally don't have surface plants like grass -
    this can be found in wind-formed sand dunes next to some beaches,
    which I would map as natural=sand or natural=dune + surface=grass if

    However, there are many beaches shaded by coconut palms and other
    spreading or leaning trees here in the rainy tropics - the canopy
    would extend out over the high tide water line, so the leaves cover a
    significant part of the beach (5 or even 10 meters), and most mappers
    put the boundary of natural=wood at the end of the canopy. So I don't
    know if mentioning "un-vegetated" in the description is necessary.

So it seems that maybe I managed to improve it, but purely by accident.

Overall I am fine also with older definition from natural=beach, page but I strongly oppose defining beaches as "Unvegetated strip of land at the edge of water."

Good point about concrete may not be a 'beach' .. but then what is a 'beach'?

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