On 15/08/19 16:40, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
Re: > “It would usually be "the area above the Low Tide mark”

Agreed. Many people map this way, which means that the part of the beach between the low tide and hight tide lines is outside of the coastline. The Openstreetmap-carto style was recently changed to handle this.

Some places claim a beach is there .. but it is completely covered by high tide. So to fit their usage I would think a beach is from low tide to at least high tide ... After all if you are there at low tide I think you'd call the area above the present water line (even though it is low tide) a beach.

A beach may extend above the hight tide mark if the surface material also continues unbroken. I think we can agree that sand from the low tide to the hight tide mark and then to, say, a board walk is all one beach?

But what about other surfaces?
Pebbles? Pebbles up to what size (at some size they become rocks)?
And so on for other surfaces.

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