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> that then clashes with OSM Coastline, which is taken as the High Tide mark/

I was under the impression that the definition of the coastline was the average between high and low, not the high tide mark, based on what I had read on some wiki page.  I think that there must be conflicting guidelines on the wiki since I've noticed two conflicting mapping styles.

What style do people think is better?  Is there an advantage to one over the other?

For a mapper gathering data it is much easier to estimate the high tide mark - either from being there at hi tide or estimating it from wave patterns and float-sum left behind. For low tide you'd have to get your timing right. If you want the middle then you need both hi and low - at least twice the work. So for making the map data gathers job easiest - high tide only please.

Also, is there a good way to map the coastline as an area representing the low tide to high tide difference? Adding some tag like tidal=yes to areas representing that shape is the best I've found, but tidal=yes can also be used to mark that some water or marsh is tidal.

Sorry but I don't map low tide ... too many other things to map! Good luck if you want to do that.
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