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> For anything that's not a bicycle shop but still does bicycle repairs
> (I've seen cafes, car repair shops, outdoor shops, and even a church
> with this service), consider just adding the
> "service:bicycle:repair=yes" tag.

IMHO if the main thing is about community bike repair (and not another feature 
like a cafe etc. which provides the service), a main tag is required. I agree 
that shop=bicycle is somehow stretching the meaning of the tag, although it 
might fit into the current definition (not sure what the definition of „store“ 

> A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories.

and it isn’t clear what “and” means, is it a requirement that you can buy 
accessories, or an optional?

To me it appears that a place where you can get a bicycle for free would 
clearly not be covered by this definition, while a place where you can get your 
bike repaired (or repair it yourself) for free would probably be.

Anyway, just a property like "service:bicycle:repair=yes" and a name would not 
work, IMHO

Cheers Martin 
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