In fact there are no less than three of them in Oslo and one in Reykjavik (that 
I know of).The preferred solution for those is I think to map two separate 
nodes, one for the café and the other for the bicycle (repair) shop. Or better 
a POI inside a way/house. The last option is what was suggested in a reply here 
on the list. 

But to make sure they are searcable as such combinations, perhaps do something 
like this  amenity=cafeservice:bicycle:repair=yes

and for the other poi/way/relation
shop=bicycledescription=Also a café. See separate map point (POI) 

I am not aware of how to search for  shop=bicycle  in/within/very_near   
(amenity=cafe or amenity=pub )  

-- Regards / Kveðja / Hilsen Morten Lange 

    On Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 22:25:27 CEST, Leif Rasmussen 
<354...@gmail.com> wrote:  

Cafés^, not cages.  Android swiping strikes again.
On Wed, Aug 7, 2019, 10:19 PM Leif Rasmussen <354...@gmail.com> wrote:

I've seen cages that are also bike shops, so whatever tagging solution we up 
with should work with any type of shop.Leif Rasmussen
On Wed, Aug 7, 2019, 9:38 PM Morten Lange via Tagging 
<tagging@openstreetmap.org> wrote:

I wonder how I should tag bicycle shops that are not shops in the traditional 
"buy our products" sense.
A community-centre that is also offers bicycle repairs / is a bicycle repair 
shop.Or a bicycle "shop"  that primarily focuses on refurbishing disused 
bikes.Or a community-centre or similar that provides job training for various 
groups, and such training happens through running a bicycle repair service for 
the public. 

I have found a few such bicycle repair and maintenance "shops" on OSM. These 
are the searches I have used in overpass-turbo.eu: 

(shop=bicycle or service:bicycle:repair=yes)  and 
  and amenity=community_centre

Many of those that I described, to my eperience do not offer Do-it-yourself 
(more on DIY  below).  
They still are something else than your "ordinary"  bikeshop, and I think that 
is significant to reflect in tagging. 
So I wonder how best to tag those.  My experience is that most of them are 

My preliminary conclusion is to use this on the nodes I have mapped in Oslo and 
elsewhere in Norway:      shop=bicycle      service:bicycle:repair=yes
      ownership=private_nonprofit      (or ownership=public_nonprofit)

Some additinional thoughts :
If the place is a Do-it-yourself shop it should be tagged as such.  Searching 
for this tag and value I see the pair has been used quite a lot.  For example 
for bicycle kitchens.     service:bicycle:dyi=yes. 

B. Tagging primarily as a community centre?
Some might suggest to use amenity=community_centre combined with        

But then the community centre feature will overshadow the bikeshop aspect. (And 
in current renderings the place would not pop up as a place where you can fix 
your bicycle/tricycle)
I would like to have it the other way around, that is to emphasise the service 
offered to the public, rather than type of establishment.
Is it OK to use         community_centre=bicycle_maintenancetogether with       
shop=bicycle ?

Any other comments? Could a single "freshly invented" value do the trick like   
The downside is that if searching for the value =yes, those 
nodes/ways/relations are not found.

Regards / Kveðja / Hilsen Morten Lange

Bicycle kitchens and bicycle librarier are somewhat different animals. 
Searching the web for bicycle kitchen, bicycle library etc turns up quite a few 
But I could not find them on OSM.That is until I specifically searched in 
overpass-turbo for 

    shop=bicycle and service:bicycle:diy=yes

Rome, Paris and Berlin are virtually peppered. 

And for the case of the bicycle library .....Would this be a possibe way to tag 
them       service:bicycle:rental=library     
-- Morten Lange, Oslo

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