Am 12.09.2019 um 23:24 schrieb Peter Elderson:
In NL node networks all node2node routes are route relations.

Then all the relations and the nodes are added to the network
relation, where the network:type (i.e. the setup/system/rules), the
network name, operator, website etc are tagged. Currently, the network
relation for node networks is used only for maintenance en checking
network integrity.
Oh, thank you for clarifying.
I think the network in Bremen is a preference route system.
Sounds about right.


Vr gr Peter Elderson

Op do 12 sep. 2019 om 22:49 schreef Hubert87 via Tagging
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    To summarize:
    - (highway) Use lcn=yes on the highway; (my Idea) maybe with some more
    Information about the network like lcn:operator=*, lcn:ref=* or
    - (route-relation) split up the network into smaller relations going
    from guidepost to guidepost. Seems very complicated, also to query/get
    the entire network.
    - (network-relation) get a new value for network:type=* , maybe

    I still have a slight preference toward the network-relation. It seems
    very similar to the node-network from NL and imho should be tagged

    However, most import to me is to keep the information about the
    character somehow. A simple lcn=yes won't do that.


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