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> On 2019-10-11 11:09, Snusmumriken wrote:
>> It is up to the driver. I think he can ignore most of the traffic laws
>>  in the cause of getting as fast and as safe to where he needs to go. So
>>  he would use his own judgment and not so much what a routing engine
>>  tells him what he can do.
> That may be the case in some countries, but in the UK there are limitations 
> on what laws emergency vehicles can and cannot break.
> Countries also have differing definitions of what constitutes an "emergency 
> vehicle" for these purposes. A regular doctor on his way to an emergency, 
> organs for transplant for example... in the UK they cannot use blue lights, 
> and "people die" because these vehicles get stuck in traffic.
> See this website for all the complexities:
> http://www.ukemergency.co.uk/blue-light-use/ 
> <http://www.ukemergency.co.uk/blue-light-use/>
> The question is, how to model this in OSM? Or do we just model for normal 
> cars? Just like for trucks, routing for emergency vehicles needs 
> parameterisation for the vehicle characteristics and the specific use to 
> which it is being put *at that moment*.
In this case I would map as done so far.

Split on physical splits etc.
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