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> On 5. Jan 2020, at 19:24, Rob Savoye <> wrote:
>  I assume the right place for tags like 'addr:housenumber' &
> 'addr:street' are on the building way, and not a standalone node ?

it depends where the number/address is assigned to, and may vary, e.g. in 
Germany it depends on the municipality, and sometimes numbers are assigned to 
sites, sometimes to buildings, and additionally they may be assigned to 
entrances, staircases etc. „as required“ (citation from Berlin law about 
In Italy the numbers are assigned to entrances and gates. 
When you have good arguments for adding addresses to an area, it is preferable 
because it allows for inheritance to the enclosed/contained objects, otherwise 
you would have to repeat the addresses on all the objects inside (or use 
relations which is generally considered worse for this case).

Cheers Martin 
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