On 1/9/20 22:54, Marc Gemis wrote:
> Recently someone told me that addresses are not important for POIs,
> and perhaps he was right.
> Suppose I want to navigate to a particular shop in that mall. I tell
> the router I need to go to that shop. If the point of that shop is
> properly mapped and all footways from the parking and indoor corridors
> are mapped, the router should be able to take me there. Does it matter
> that the POI has an address, or that it is put on the building,
> perhaps not, as long as its coordinate are correct.

Having the address can ensure one has the right POI when there are other
similar ones in the area. Consider the rather infamous case of Houston's
"Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks" (2029 and 2050 West Gray
Street, near South Shepherd Drive). There are also the two different
Starbucks locations in The Galleria (usually disambiguated by floor as
one is ground level by the elevators and financial tower, one is on the
second floor closer to the ice rink) which would at minimum have
different unit numbers.

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