On 1/10/20 00:04, Marc Gemis wrote:
> Perhaps I was not clear, what was pointed out is that it is sufficient
> to have the address on the building, there is no need to repeat it on
> the POI (besides the parts that are different such as unit_nr or
> floor).

A lot of retail buildings here are set up such that the first shop has,
say, 100, then the next one down 102, then 104, etc up to whatever
number. Other times they will get suite/unit letters or numbers and the
entire building will have one number; at least one case exists where
multiple buildings have the same address number and different buildings
have different suite/unit numbers at that same address.

Just to be sure there's no ambiguity, I repeat the parts of the address
that may be in common when I map new businesses. So far, JOSM's
validator hasn't flagged that as an error or warning as long as
something changes between each address.

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