On 1/29/20 17:21, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> The road heads from here to Kimbim, then to Piramid. "Jalan" means way
> (or path / road / street, and the verb means "to walk", "to travel").
> It's common for roads in Indonesia to be named by the places which
> they connect, usually focusing on the further destinations

We have a few of these around Houston, too: I think the legal name of
part of Texas Highway 6 is Alvin-Sugarland Road, and if I remember right
there's also an Aldine-Westfield Road, Humble-Westfield Road, and the
Katy Freeway (which, interestingly, doesn't become the Houston Freeway
as you get close to Katy). However, here, the names are consistent and
that name on the sign is usually how mail is addressed. I can only
imagine the chaos that ensues when there's no one legal name for the
road as they apparently do it in Indonesia.

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