On 1/29/20 3:07 PM, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:

> In my hometown, the main road was California highway 96, so “ref=CA 96”
> but we called it “Highway 96” so “name=Highway 96”.

  That's what I was thinking. Here we have a
"name=highway 550", which is "ref=US 550", and another one is
"name='Camp Bird Road', ref='CR 361', and "ref:usfs='FS 838'".

  I interpret the responses that for a road, (not an address) it should
be "name=County Road 12" and "ref=CR 12". Most the addresses here use
"addr:street='CR 12', but locals call it "Country Road 12", which is
what the sign says. I'm just trying to get this right so I only have to
fix it once. :-)

        - rob -

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