Rob Savoye wrote:
> I was wondering about tagging roads properly. Previously it 
> was mentioned to use 'ref' for county roads, ie... "ref='CR 12'", 
> but as the road sign says "County Road 12", I was wondering 
> about the proper way to tag this. Should 'CR' be expanded in 
> the 'ref' to "County Road", or should 'ref' be 'CR 12', and then 
> "name='County Road 12'" ? This also applies to state Forest 
> Service roads as well that lack a name tag. I'm working on 
> cleaning up some ancient crap from the TIGER import...

You asked this back in August and the answers still apply:

"County Road 12" is a ref. It is not a name. People often refer to roads by
their ref. That's fine. I will say "I'm taking the A3400 to Stratford"
rather than "I'm taking Shipston Road, which becomes London Road, which
becomes Stratford Road, which becomes Shipston Road again etc. etc.". There
are signs that say A3400 and signs that say Stratford Road etc. That's fine
too. It doesn't mean the name is A3400. It just means I'm using the ref in


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