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In terms of our traditional values and principles active use of the name
is not the necessary criterion, it is verifiable local knowledge.  Like
with any kind of names practical verification of names would be
possible by inquiring about the name to people locally.  This
essentially means the following practical requirements:

* there being a sufficient number of people present locally that
speak/write the language in question.  Those don't have to be people
living there, it can also be visitors.
* these people knowing the name in said language - being able to look it
up on some external source does not count, that is wikipedia
verifiability, not OSM verifiability.
* these people largely consistently agreeing on the same name.

I slightly disagree with this one. IMO a name in a foreign language would be admissible if it is recognised by native speakers of the language either back home or in the local community OR if the name is otherwise regarded correct by mainstream media or a language authority.

I recently checked if the foreign cities listed in the Finnish Wikipedia as having a specific Finnish name were correct in OSM. I stumbled upon Yokohama, for which I didn't know there's a Finnish wording (Jokohama). However once I saw it, it definitely is understandable and clearly Finnish. It is also used by the Finnish mainstream media[1] and endorsed by the Institute for the Languages of Finland[2], which is the authority responsible for recommendations concerning the Finnish language. Still, if asked, I wouldn't have instantly been able to recognise the name as correct despite being a native Finnish speaker.

1) https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10956002
2) http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/haku/jokohama/ohje/633

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