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>  My entire county is contained within a national forest, and most of
> the roads through residential areas are a single lane dirt road
> maintained (sort-of) by the homeowners themselves. Often at the last
> house the road becomes an unmaintained jeep trail, usually gated, and
> goes a really long way into the forest. We use these for wildland
> fires and rescues frequently.
>   The question is how to tag the change in the road. Usually it
> becomes "smoothness=very_bad", etc... The question is since it's now
> more of a track used by jeeps, should it be narrow=yes, still
> lanes=1, or should I use width=2m ? To me, lanes= seems to apply more
> to non 4wd_only tracks. They're also usually narrower than the single
> lane highway too. The width of the "highway" is important if you're
> trying to figure out what size fire truck to bring to the wildland
> fire...

For unpaved roads with well-established ruts, I count the number of
ruts and divide by 2 to get the lane count.  This is useful to figure
out things like how difficulty it would be to pass oncoming traffic.

Tagging the width is useful in a different way: ruts two meters apart
that pass between a pair of boulders also two meters apart are far more
restrictive of who can drive there than ruts two meters apart on a way
that's been cleared an additional meter on either side.


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