I'd go with highway=track and tracktype=*, surface=* and smoothness=* tags
as necessary.  Given how inconsistent the 3 and especially 4 digit US
forest service roads tend to be, I'd expect tracktype and smoothness are
underutilized despite their relative importance on those roads.

A big hint:  There's three types of USFS shields in use for the same series
of networks.  Each forest has its own network.  The 5 sided shields with 1
or 2 digit numbers are paved highways, usually two or three lanes and
traversable at a decent clip.  For 3 and 4 digit roads, it's usually just a
brown rectangular placard with the number by itself.  If the placard has a
horizontal orientation (read from left to right), then it's intended to be
passable by most vehicles but may or may not be paved.  If the placard has
a vertical orientation (read from top down), then don't count on your car
being able to make it, you'll probably need something with ground clearance
and 4WD if it's traversable at all with a motor vehicle.

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 11:46 AM Rob Savoye <r...@senecass.com> wrote:

> On 7/27/20 9:18 AM, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging wrote:
> > highway=track appears to be incorrect here (but may be still correct if
> > it is leading to only vacation huts)
>   It's a residential "track" to the vacation houses, often usually only
> used in the summer or for ski trips. After the last building it
> degenerates into a worse track. While changing
> highway/smoothness/tracktype/surface at that transition spot helps, they
> also often get much narrower.
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