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Although in this case I would expect the approach to be to set up sessions
> for schools, universities and at larger employers and for the general
> population it will simply attend an appointment at their local medical
> centre.

Even back in the Before Times, flu jabs were not given at the local medical
centre but in a large exercise hall.  I think that was more to do with
than anything else.  Covid is more infectious than flu (but less so than
and the indications are strong that you're at a lot greater risk indoors

I doubt that testing or vaccination will take place at local medical
centres.  All
the testing centres I know of, whether short-term or longer-term have the
testing conducted outdoors.

Right now, because of a recent surge in cases in my town the medical
centre is only permitting people to turn up if they get an appointment
because it is "absolutely necessary" (their words, not mine) they see
a doctor.

I've been paying a lot of attention to this stuff (because of underlying
health conditions which mean I'm very unlikely to survive it) and I
seriously doubt we'll see testing or vaccination conducted indoors
until all medical staff have been vaccinated and enough of the
general population have been vaccinated to achieve herd

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