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> On 25. Nov 2020, at 14:15, Phake Nick <> wrote:
> I don't thibk it is appropriate to add one-off temporary facilities into OSM.

everything is temporary, e.g. buildings, trees, even mountains, although the 
latter on a geological time scale. Not to speak of businesses. Things come an 
go, the question is where you draw the line. IMHO if something is not 
exceptionally important (read: to many people), a few weeks or months seem a 
reasonable period (read: you suppose that they last at least this long, 
naturally nobody can foresee the future). Frederik mentioned in a local forum 
that the DWG sees 6 months as a reasonable timespan for borders in areas with 
ongoing conflicts. 
IMHO, COVID19 related features are falling into the exceptional clause and 
could be mapped even if you expected them to last only 3 weeks (which is not 
the case in many areas).

Cheers Martin 
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