Kris Schneider wrote:
On 11/28/07, Trenton Adams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I was sure that I had read somewhere that "<c:url
value="/images/pluslittle.gif"/>" usage would automatically cause the
context path to be entered into the output of "c:url".  Is that not
correct?  Because it's not working!

From the JSTL 1.1 Spec for <c:url>:

As a consequence, an implementation must prepend the context path to a
URL that starts with a slash (e.g. "/page2.jsp") so that such URLs can
be properly interpreted by a client browser.

So, yes, the context should be prepended. What output are you actually seeing?

I'm seeing it produce "/images/pluslittle.gif", and it completely ignores the context path. I'm using tomcat 6 and java 1.5

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