I'm sending here for review a draft of a new page of known issues only
for graphics cards.

This is related to the restructuring of our support pages that we
proposed with Cody on https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/support_page/
and triggered by the new error message when GDM fails to start (#14521).

You can see the structure here:


I'd like the Foundations team and Help desk to have a look and comment
before I start migrating all the data we currently have in

For example, I'm wondering:

- Shall we advertise people to try the "Troubleshooting Mode"? Does it
  help with graphics cards?

- Does it make sense to link to Redmine tickets? For example, #11095 for
  Radeon HD was closed because we had nothing else to do but the problem
  still exist.

  Is it worth making this information visible to users?

  Is it helpful to keep it hidden in an HTML comment like I did?

- Is it worth keeping track of when each issue has been updated last?
  Here I'm proposing to keep this information in an HTML comment.

  This is information that we can get from the Git history (I tried and
  it takes a couple of minutes) but I thought that it might help
  cleaning the page from now and then. I thought about doing this for
  the other known issues pages as well.

- It would be good to have names and IDs of graphics cards exactly as
  they are displayed to people. Right now I bet that it's not the case
  but the page will get better as people report errors.

  Are their ways for Technical writers and Help desk to complete or
  verify this information? For example, could we answer questions like:

  - « How can I know the ID of "Radeon HD 8790M"? »

  - « What name is displayed to the users of "Radeon HD 8790M"? »

- Is the "(rev XXX)" part of the graphics card description relevant?

  If so I'll have to talk about "name, ID, and revision" instead of only
  "name and ID".
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