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> Hi J.P.
> This sounds reasonable.  Do we have a map that shows which areas of the 
> province are French area vs English area.  For us non-NBers.   Or I suppose 
> one could guess by looking at the existing tags there.  (I would assume 
> Fredericton is English area?)  If we have a list then could update the NB 
> wiki page. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/New_Brunswick

The general rule is that southern and western NB is English, northern and 
eastern is French; but there are exceptions, and a couple places like Bathurst 
and Campbellton are 50/50. 

But yes, you can almost always tell from the tags and the street names 
themselves (e.g. "St. Mary's" vs "Sainte-Marie").


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