This is about the "desination" sign that you find on major highways, usually they are green. "Exit 114 chemin Anderson Road" or whatever.

And this specific issue is about road signs in New Brunswick, and New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province in Canada.

Matthew Darwin

On 2017-10-02 11:01 AM, john whelan wrote:
> destination:street

I'm confused by this. According to taginfo there are only 11,000 entries and there is no wiki page.

We have highway=residential, name=xyz street, name:fr=rue xyz

I assume name here is what you mean.

Ottawa is not officially bilingual, it is officially English but services are offered in French.

also and look for bilingual street names.

Different parts of Canada have different rules according to who is the authority for naming streets or setting the rules for naming streets.

Cheerio John

On 2 October 2017 at 10:10, Martijn van Exel < <>> wrote:

    Thank you for all the responses. It seems that using
    destination:street is expected to have the name in the local
    official language. If the sign is bilingual, I propose then to
    add the other name as destination:street:en or
    destination:street:fr, respectively. This is not yet a
    documented tag, but I see no other sensible way to do it and it
    seems to me that it would be a logical extension, considering we
    already have name:[language ISO code] tags in wide use.

    Does this sound agreeable?


    On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Pierre Béland
    < <>> wrote:

        Les différentes provinces ou états ont souvent un organisme
        responsable de faire l'inventaire des noms officiels. Au
        Québec,  c'est la Commission de toponymie qui est responsable.

        Sur leur site, on retrouve des listes de noms et les règles
        qui s'appliquent pour les noms au Québec.
        Pour les règles, voir

        Les noms affichés sur correspondent souvent à ces
        règles puisque les données de Ressources naturelles Canada
        sont fournies par les provinces. Par contre, il peut y avoir
        un certain retard lors de modifications de noms. Dans la
        section Fournisseurs d'image de JOSM, on retrouve un lien
        vers la couche RRN de Geobase. Les données sont aussi
        disponibles par province en shapefile.



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        Whilst I think about it Ottawa is an amalgam of smaller
        municipalities so is slowly changing street names to avoid
        duplicates.  I seem to recall an employee in the street
        naming bit is adjusting street names in OSM.  So please do
        not change a street name to match a photo that might have
        been taken some time ago.

        In Quebec I understand province wide the standard for names
        on maps is "Rue xyz" in Ontario it is left to the
        municipality whether to capitalise the first letter or not
        so you need to know the rules for each municipality.

        Have fun

        Cheerio John

        On 29 Sep 2017 4:20 pm, "john whelan" <
        <>> wrote:

            Ottawa is one of the few places that has bilingual
            street names.

            On the same street I've seen just the name, name street
            and rue name street signs.

            In Ottawa the majority are Slater street in name then
            rue Slater in name:french.

            Anything else means it is difficult to search for the
            name electronically.  "rue Slater Street"  is not easy
            to enter.

            Note for Ottawa it is rue Slater not Rue Slater.  Other
            places such as Quebec may have different rules.

            Cheerio John

            On 29 Sep 2017 4:10 pm, "Martijn van Exel" <
            <>> wrote:

                Hi all,

                How do you map bilingual signposts? Ones that say
                for example 'Rue Regent St'?
                My thought would be destination:street=[name in
                primary language for the province] and
                destination:street:en / destination:street:fr for
                the name in the other language. But I've also seen
                just 'destination:street:Rue Regent St'.

                My team would like to help make this consistent if
                you're up for that, but what should be the
                convention? From a machine parsing perspective,
                separating out the languages in separate tags is

                We have a ticket for this question as well,

                Thanks / Merci

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