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> Are there any NB mappers here? If not we can extract the most active mappers 
> from the data and ask directly. (That is how we usually go about this if we 
> have a local question where nobody from the area seems to be on the national 
> mailing list.)
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I live in NB but haven't been involved in tagging these particular signs. While 
mapping street names, I tend to use "name=x Street" and "name:fr=Rue x" in 
English-speaking areas of the province, with the opposite in French areas. I 
see no reason we can't do something similar with destination signs, even if the 
double-colon may look unwieldy. 

After all it is, officially, "Regent Street" in English and "Rue Regent" in 
French, not "Rue Regent Street" in both.

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