I want to bump up this thread to see what other opinions are out there.  If you are supportive to remove the addr:province and addr:country tags in Canada, please speak up.  I don't like making big changes with only 1 comment.  (If you like, feel free to reply privately to me avoid bombarding the list with "me too" and I will summarize the replies on the list).  Prior to starting this discussion, I too have been removing these tags when I come across them (a few places in London, ON had country=US???)

Alternately my proposal would be to:

 * change addr:state => addr:province
 * add ~2.7 million missing  addr:province / addr:country where they
   don't exist
 * an then then to standardize what we are putting into those
   fields.  eg for addr:province in Ontario: ON, on, Ontario,
   ONTARIO, Ont, ont, or the several other variations that exist
   today.  ("ON" is most popular, followed by "Ontario")

If you don't like either of the above, I would really like to hear why having the tags in some places but not others is a good thing. As you may have noticed based on my posts over the last few weeks that I like to have things (more) consistent, unless there is a (good) reason not to be consistent.

On 2018-02-16 12:52 PM, Alan Richards wrote:
I typically remove these tags when I come across them, as yes, I've heard the same argument that they're redundant.

I like all this cleanup you've been doing with phone numbers, addresses, etc. Kudos!

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 9:40 AM, Matthew Darwin <matt...@mdarwin.ca <mailto:matt...@mdarwin.ca>> wrote:

    Hi all,

    During the discussion of cleaning up municipality names in
    Canada, it was suggested that the addr:city could be removed
    entirely if the appropriate boundaries are defined.   I would
    hazard to guess (and will endeavour to investigate) that the
    addr:city and the boundaries do not always align in Canada
    (there are ~11300 administrative boundaries of some type and
    there are ~7000 unique addr:city tags)... so this will be a much
    more long term effort.

    However, the provincial/territorial boundaries are defined, so
    removing the addr:country, addr:provice and addr:state tags
    might be a more reasonable at this time. (addr:country is used
    ~94% less than addr:street)

    Tags, by number of occurrences:

     167902 addr:country

      33252 addr:state

     179741 addr:province

    2950115 addr:city

    2942159 addr:street

    2934341 addr:housenumber

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