Limited amount of time to answer,

Now UAV aviator is a consulting organization and we are in touch with them. We didn't have the time to work together yet.

When you have money HOT can be involved in Drone (Tanzania), otherwise you are not interested on it.

I was surprise that World bank team promote UAV in Haiti with and an international consultant who sell is drone service.
And your team is in touch with them through Open Aerial Map.

Up-fully, after the cyclone I was volunteer for the CNIGS (national center) and was invented at one meeting with world bank.

Apparently HOT is focusing on big project and big money and you reinforce the biggest NGO, waiting for something else.

Where small NGO want to survive in this "humanitarian" world and try to be closer to the reality of the community. They try to find their own way to response to a crisis and have a better impact than the humanitarian machine.

Is not our story is their story and we need to help small NGO with small grant to write it.

We had to build a team and a NGO in Haiti, and even if we face financial problem, we are still here and "professional" as much as we can and they need support to reinforce their knowledge. As HOT member my dream was to work with this NGO in 2013 and develop drone activities, but we didn't do it.

Now, we don't need additional tension as they have a lot in Haiti already. It is taking time to build local capacity in a peaceful environment.

I am not sure what all the people want to do in Haiti, but apparently people are not taking the same direction.

So please let the time to the Haitian to be part of this game and listen to them. The situation here is quite complex.

So keep cool, Haitian are strong and we need to help them to be stronger and not take all the time short cut to move faster.

All the best and more than happy to work with all, really...

Thanks again to Haiti to show us another way to work and let work together.

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