Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

On 2018.02.19. 00:07, Clifford Snow wrote:
> Running the overpass query looking for user DaveHansenTiger produced
> around 30mb of data. 

There’s definitely plenty of work to do on the DaveHansenTiger ways, but I’d 
really like to include the bot-mode ways as well in the first round. By 
definition, any untouched TIGER ways that have a name are going to fall into 
the bot-mode group, and those seem to me like the most important ways to look 

I’d already started breaking the data up into chunks by county—running the 
DaveHansenTiger query for the whole state should produce a visible blank spot 
in the northwest lower peninsula. I was planning on setting up Maproulette 
tasks for every county in the state and then open them up to some other 
Michigan mappers who might be interested. It’s a shame that Overpass-turbo 
can’t handle this query natively.

Are there any other tools that could process output from Overpass-turbo and get 
me to my goal? The JOSM suggestion is good, but I’d like to make this process 
available to mappers who don’t use JOSM.
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