So many good things being said by so many good people here.  This is OSM at its 
best:  organically growing goodness and correct actions by right-thinking 
people.  Be bold, we might say out loud, as in "I delete spam and even just 
plain bad mapping when and as I see it."  (Whether front door, back door, with 
the help of our fellow mappers at a Mapping Party...whatever).  Thanks to all 
who say and do that!  "Right mapping" is attitude as much as action.

Taking either/or approaches is something we acknowledge as short(er)-sighted; a 
multi-pronged approach including everyman/pedestrian works (like my example), 
as well as the kinds of "some investigations" that Paul mentions – there truly 
are bad actors to whom we must apply our realistic and efficient repairs.  
Smart behavior (analytics log analysis, similar/usual white-hat tools) can 
complement "bread crumb trails to do the right things" approaches, too.  (Good 
dialog happens!)  Wiki as I suggested of a regional flavor (let's start with 
USA) of an "anti-spam/SEO, vandalism skill-building strategies..." is possible, 
similar to what we're saying here, but "sticks to the wall a bit more, 
wiki-searchable by those looking for it."  As will individuals with pride in 
making and keeping our map as spic-and-span as we can.  (The core of why "let's 
everybody keep it nice and clean around here" works).  ALL of the above and 
even more as we develop these strategies.  It's very much like cooperative 
folks living together someplace agreeing to do the cleanup chores in as smart 
and efficient way as we can.  As, that is what successful projects like ours 
do:  cool heads prevail.  What a great dialog, even feels a bit 
historical/epic.  OSM is fantastic, like Rosie the Riveter swinging her fist, 
"We can do this."

Curating this discussion to wiki doesn't seem a lengthy task.  Might we see a 
WikiProject USA/Help fight advertising emerge?


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