Drives are drives. They now all have issues, no matter from whom you get them. Far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a trustworthy hard drive. Keep backups, lots of them, no matter what you use. The exception; never, ever buy anything from LaCie, unless you want your data eaten, swallowed and thoroughly gulped, like that python, which ate a 12.8 pound dog in Australia a couple of weeks ago. It took over a week to digest it, too. The idiot snake ate 60 percent of it's body weight, in the form of a dog called Bendy. Not so much anymore.

1.5tb and 2tb drives are out, so go buy a 1tb right now. Wah ha.

Derek Lane wrote:
Thank you for providing content for this list.
I want a 1 tb drive, just not a broken 1.
I heard its good to wait until the next size up is out before getting the thing you want.
I don't know if that's the case or if that's just some sort of paranoia.

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I don't care if you lot have twitter, I don't. I want to vent my anger at the fact that a drive less than a year old is showing signs of behaving like a recalcitrant granny when it could be doing so many better things, like serving me my 409 gigs of data. Windows says, hard disk 4 D has a bad block. I chkdsk /f the drive and it took about 15 and a half minutes and recovers files, and does all that, and I'm then notified it has 53 KB of bad sectors. Now that's less than an iriver drive, but see, thing about that, is my Iriver drive has 64 K of bad sectors, and is much, much older. To add to this of course, an Iriver is a portable device, and who knows if the owner before me dropped it on it's head like a red-headed stepchild he didn't want? So now I have to replace a 1 TB drive. I am pissed about this. OK? Good.

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