| From: David Collier-Brown via talk <talk@gtalug.org>

| Hmmn, I often read PDFs by sending to my Kobo, which has a superior screen for
| text (but not for images)

My Kobos are not good for PDF.  At least not for those designed for
letter-sized or A4 paper.  This is a real diappointment to me.

My highest-resolution Kobo is an Aura, not an Aura HD (twice the
pixels).  But I don't think that the HD has enough resolution for this

| I wonder if there is a good random-website-to-epub converter? I'll need to try
| dotEPUB.

I'd like a good PDF to epub converter.  But any converter is an

I've never looked at Pocket, but they want to do the website to tablet
thing for me.
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