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| Hmmn, I often read PDFs by sending to my Kobo, which has a superior screen for
| text (but not for images)

My Kobos are not good for PDF.  At least not for those designed for
letter-sized or A4 paper.  This is a real diappointment to me.

I have a similar issue with my Sony eReader and PDF files. It allows me to read a PDF file but the screen is a bit small. I sometimes have use the zoom feature to make it easier to read the page. I prefer PDF format files as I mostly use my eReader for reference material rather than books to be read cover to cover. Saves a lot on shelf space which is in short supply at my home.

| I wonder if there is a good random-website-to-epub converter? I'll need to try
| dotEPUB.

I'd like a good PDF to epub converter.  But any converter is an

I don't know about conversion from website to some reader format. If you want to convert PDF (or other files) to epub (or other formats) take a look at the program called Calibre. I use that program mostly to manage the files I keep on my eReader but it also lets you read the files on the computer, and it can convert files to many other formats.



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