I came across this while looking around at  spectre side channels and cache 

Apparently Coffee Lake CPU's power attributes can be reset by overriding the 
management engine on Skylake MB's.


The descriptions come in three parts. Here's a quote from the think tank.

"(Do not mind the BS intel put out about pinout incompatibility, close look 
reveals there is no big issue in that - you can just pop the CFL cpu in board 
without a problem or risk of damage.)"

Here's a peek at the patch thread.

"All MSI LGA1151 boards can work with 6-core cpu.
Use Intel Flash Image Tool and decomp original BIOS image.
Then extract vbios and upgrade to 1054.
For coffee lake 6-core,you need change sku (at the top of Flash Image Tool 
window )to Z370.
And ME FW Version is not important here.
Replace BIOS Region.bin to a MSI Z370 one.And replace Z370's vbios to the one 
we upgraded.
Build image and flash via SPI Programmer( may be need to change 8M Flash chip 
to 16M)
Last isolate 2 pins on cpu and you can power on."

Keeping stuff away from the dustbin with a few select attribute modifications. 
These guys do all the groundwork and you can poke it in for free.

Gotta like that.

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