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> I came across this while looking around at  spectre side channels and
> cache fences.
> Apparently Coffee Lake CPU's power attributes can be reset by overriding
> the management engine on Skylake MB's.
> http://www.overclock.net/forum/8-intel-general/1665657-
> coffeelake-completely-working-100-200-series-chipsets.html#/topics/1665657
> The descriptions come in three parts. Here's a quote from the think tank.
> "(Do not mind the BS intel put out about pinout incompatibility, close
> look reveals there is no big issue in that - you can just pop the CFL cpu
> in board without a problem or risk of damage.)"
> Here's a peek at the patch thread.
> "All MSI LGA1151 boards can work with 6-core cpu.
> Use Intel Flash Image Tool and decomp original BIOS image.
> Then extract vbios and upgrade to 1054.
> For coffee lake 6-core,you need change sku (at the top of Flash Image Tool
> window )to Z370.
> And ME FW Version is not important here.
> Replace BIOS Region.bin to a MSI Z370 one.And replace Z370's vbios to the
> one we upgraded.
> Build image and flash via SPI Programmer( may be need to change 8M Flash
> chip to 16M)
> Last isolate 2 pins on cpu and you can power on."
> Keeping stuff away from the dustbin with a few select attribute
> modifications. These guys do all the groundwork and you can poke it in for
> free.
> Gotta like that.

Thank you Russell for this info!!!
Your quoted info seems specifically for a MSI product. As they are only one
of more than a few mobo suppliers I'm wondering as to the possibility of
using this on other manufacturer's products.

Ideas, thoughts please?

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