Admittedly, I have not been too eager on using these hotkeys to swap the 
tabs. Main reason is, that you only get to the first 10 tabs that way, 
and often I might have more tabs than that open. But your point is valid 
enough, I might trry the Ctrl-Number swapping, next time the behavior 
occurs. Still, it does not exactly explain why the behavior shows up, so 
really would have loved a fix of the matter. But it is of course worth 
to try for a temporary workaround. Thanks for the input.


On 9/21/2016 6:33 PM, Kevin Huber wrote:
> Hi David:
> Have you tried the shortcut keys control-1 to get to tab 1, control-2
> to get to tab 2, and so on?
> Kevin Huber
> On 9/21/16, David via Talk <> wrote:
>> I am struggling a quite annoying, and even puzzling issue. Memory tells
>> me this has been the case ever since WE9 came out, but I am not able to
>> determine exactly time it all started. It could happen any time, with
>> any webpage in a multi-session of the browser. I am going to explain it
>> in illustrative terms, and hopefully the others on the list may have
>> seen the same behavior, that it could be traced to a point where things
>> get fixed. Definitely, this behavior was not the case under the old
>> Browse Mode, and still, I do not have a good explanation on why it would
>> be the case in the new one either.
>> My main browser is Firefox. I like to run several webpages
>> simultaneously, in each their tab, since it gives me a quick way to swap
>> between them and do my comparisons.
>> OK, so let us imagine you have three different webstores, and we name
>> them Stor1, Store2 and Store3. I scroll through store1, and whenever I
>> find a product of interest, I open its dedicated website in a new tab.
>> We could do this with four products, for the illustration.
>> I now open Store2 in another tab, and here also open four individual
>> product sites in each their tab. And, you guess it, we do the same with
>> Store3. All in all, we now sit with something between 10 and 15
>> websites, in each their tab. Benefit is, that you simply by hitting
>> Ctrl-Tab, or Ctrl-Shift-Tab, can move back and forth between the tabs,
>> and quickly do all your comparing on both price and specifications. Or,
>> you could do the same with study material, where you need to compare and
>> pick out pieces of information from several pages simultaneously.
>> So far, everything is working well. And for a good portion of the time,
>> I can swap between the different pages with no issue. But all the
>> sudden, without any good reason, things get messed up.
>> Say I am in tab6, which hold a website from Store2. I want to go back to
>> Tab5, which still holds another product from Store2. So I hit
>> Ctrl-Shift-Tab once, and expect to land on Tab5. If I check the address
>> line, or even go to the tab list of Firefox, sure I am reported to be on
>> Tab5, holding the desired website from Store2.
>> Problem is, that when I arrow up and down the page, my screen reader
>> reads information from a totally different tab. It could for instance be
>> that it reads the text and links of Tab1, which holds a site from
>> Store1. As you may imagine, this causes trouble, since I cannot get to
>> the tab I intended to.
>> I have tried to swap back and forth between the tabs, using the Ctrl-Tab
>> method, the Ctrl-PageUp/-Down mehtod, or even gone to the Tab-list of
>> the browser and chosen the desired tab. It all results in the same
>> strange behavior. My browser seem to display one tab, whereas my screen
>> reader reads the info off another tab. I even have tried to Alt-Tab away
>> from the browser and back, to get the thing synchronized, but to no
>> avail. the only thing I have found to work, would be to press the F5-key
>> on the current tab, to have the browser update it. But doing so, I loose
>> the last position I was on, and can start reading the page all over again.
>> Well, when the new browse mode came out, it was claimed to be realtime,
>> that is, it no longer should work in a copy of the browser screen. If it
>> is all that realtime, then why does it not synchronize with what is on
>> the screen? If the browser reports to me that it is showing Tab7, why is
>> my screen reader then reading info from Tab11? Or, Tab3? I go to Tab9,
>> browser reports Tab9 to be active and displaye - Yes, I Want Tab9 To Be
>> Read By My Screen Reader As Well.
>> Why is this behavior? And can anyone else confirm to see the same?
>> I have tried to clean out my system, removing all trash cookies. I have
>> cleaned up any stuff with AntiVirus and Anti-Malware programs. The
>> Websites I open might be as different as from Ebay, Walmart and
>> Wikipedia; or any other thinkable combination. Even if I only open
>> numerous sites from one and same main page, the tab-mess gets in here
>> every now and then. Since it happens in all kinds of cases, cross many
>> different domains, I am ready to say it has nothing to do with the
>> construction of the website itself. And like I stated, I never saw the
>> behavior under the old Browse Mode.
>> --
>> David
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