First, Good luck to you, Jeremy, and as others have said, thanks for all
you've done to make Window-Eyes a great product.

Second, this was posted to this list earlier.  I do realize that Marc is no
longer at AI Squared, but that does not change the soundness of his advice.


Marc wrote:

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Subject: How you can help

Hi everyone,  

 I had a conversation with a person who is a loyal Window-Eyes user the
other day. She, like many of you, was very concerned about the future of
Window-Eyes. She, like many of you, is unsure of the impact the recent
acquisition will have on the blind community. With that said, she also
voiced discontent with the negativity and speculation being spread on
various communication channels. Instead of buying into the negativity and
speculating about the unknown, she proposed an alternative. She suggested
that the Window-Eyes community should come together and tell the leadership
of VFO what they want the future to be. If you are concerned that you will
no longer be able to receive quality customer support and service from the
team you have worked with all these years, tell VFO this is what you want.
If you are concerned that Window-Eyes will be discontinued and will prevent
you from being successful, tell VFO how important Window-Eyes has been in
your life and why it works so well

  for you. I guess my point is, being negative and assuming the worst is not
going to help matters. If you want something to happen, do something about
it in a way that is constructive. For example, take time to compose your
thoughts and propose what you want to see happen in the future. And then
share your vision with the leadership at VFO. For your reference, here is a
link to the VFO Group contact web page: 


 Best regards,



I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted

and behold, service was joy.


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