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> As a firs step, I included the list here on the Geological map features page:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Geological
> it seems to work well there.

We now have TagList templates for the following keys:

I could use some help with creating TagList templates for the other
keys. Is anybody interested?

Creating the template page itself is easy. Just create a page name
Template:Map_Features/XXX where XXX is the key; have a look at one of
the existing pages for more information.

Now we need to check if the TagList is correct and complete. To do so,
check if all entries on the old map features page have an entry on the
TagList page (this should be the case if they have wiki entries).
Also, check if the definition and photo on the new page is not worse
than the definition on the old page.

(Note: by convention, definitions typically start with 'a' or 'an',
and avoid repeating the name of the object itself. For example for
natural=wetland, do not use "the wetland tag is used for natural areas
subject to inundation or with waterlogged ground" but "a natural area
subject to inundation or with waterlogged ground".)

It would be great if other people would be interested in working on
this as well.

-- Matthijs

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